About Edda Bunader

Norway is known for its beautiful nature and a scattered settlement where traditions are preserved. A national costume – the bunad -plays an important role in expressing identity and place of origin. The numerous attires – from various regions - are perhaps the most expensive outfit we have. Thus, the quality of the fabrics as well as the needlework are uncompromisingly safe-guarded by Edda Bunader.

A wide selection of Bunader

With more than 50 different bunads, we also produce a special bunad named” beltestakk” due to the wide piece-woven belt. This attire paves way for the customer to choose; colours of the fabric, ribbon, belt, shirt and embroidery. All in order to give you an attire with a personal touch. Consult your store.

Norwegian suppliers

Our suppliers are: Gudbrandsdalen Uldvare, Krivi Vev, Rauma Ullvarefabrikk, Møre Bånd & Vev. Specially made linen for our needs is made by and purchased from a reknown German manufacturer. Consumables are purchased locally to the greatest extent possible and contribute to local business. In addition, Edda Bunader is an important local workplace and taxpayer. Edda Bunader is located in rural surroundings just 8 km outside the city centre in Chiang Mai.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility and quality of work are two sides of the same coin

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BunadRosen AS

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