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Edda Tayloring and Embroidery - Norwegian Traditions - Local Handicraft

Edda Bunader Co.,Ltd is a Norwegian owned company and has more than 20 years’ … Readmore


Corporate Social responsibility

A good working environment is equally important to quality as to wellbeing. The employees were involved in lay-out the workplace. …


Suppliers and Qualities

Edda Bunader Co., Ltd collects main fabrics from Gudbrandsdalen Uldvare, Krivi Vev, Rauma Ull, Møre Bånd &Vev og Solberg Spinderi. …

Our products

Sales and Ordering

Our products are sold through reputable dealers only. Bunadrosen in Drøbak, Husfliden Strømmen, Oslo Bunaden, Vestfoldstua and a number of local retailers around the country order their products from us. A variety of accessories are also available, all handmade. Please compare our products with those wholly produced in Norway. We withstand the comparison well!


” All our products are made according to original Norwegian craftmanship. Our employees have ensured highly satisfied Norwegian customers for years. A safe working-environment and competitive salary as well as working conditions have lead to almost no turn-over. We comply with all national and international standards.”

A Norwegian Traditional Costume portrays your domiciliary and family relations as well as being a beautiful costume for important milestones in your life

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